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How do I refer patients when deploying a device from my clinic?

Following this guide will allow you to submit new patients from our Accuhealth.tech website when deploying devices from your clinic!

Step 1) Visit https://www.accuhealth.tech/


Step 2) Click on the "Patient Submission / Single Submission" form on the right hand side of the homepage

Screen Shot 2023-06-23 at 11.06.45 AM


Step 3) Fill in the HIPPA Compliant Patient Submission Form with as many details as possible. 

*Note -If deploying a device from your clinic, please make sure to include the device IMEI (AKA serial number). Disregard the device type field*

In the first section, enter the clinic name and email of the person submitting the referral

In the next section, enter the patients specific information

Step 4) Click submit!