How to document your Patient Interactions for optimal compliance and reimbursement?

It's important to utilize the Monthly Interaction Status report each month as well as the "Add Interactive Time" and "Monthly Interaction (yes/no)" buttons in the Evelyn application.

New Buttons located in the Control Panel of the Patient Details page

Add Interactive Time

Accuhealth's managed services handles 90% or more of all patient interactions each calendar month; however, we realize your clinic has patient interactions that fall outside of the Evelyn application.  For any patient interactions over the Phone, SMS, and/or Email with your clinics staff that aren't automatically captured and logged in the Evelyn application, your staff can now manually enter the interaction and claim the interactive time.

Step 1 - Click the "Add Interactive Time" button located in the Control Panel section of the Patient's Details page

Step 2 - Document your interaction in details and enter the time in minutes that clinic staff member spent interacting with the patient and any additional time communicating and documenting the patient's needs internally.

And click "Send" when complete.

This will log the documented interaction in the Evelyn application and add the monthly time.

Toggle "yes" on the Monthly Interaction Button

If a member of your clinics staff has had an interaction with the patient related to their Remote Monitoring services, make sure you log into Evelyn and update the Monthly Interaction button to "Yes".  

Simply click on the button to update to "Yes".  Once complete, the button will update to "Yes" and appear like this:

*Note - if the button is already toggled to "Yes" you don't need to do it again.

Utilize your "Monthly Interaction Status" Practice Report

We recommend that on the 20th day or each month your clinic run and utilize the Monthly Interaction Status report to maximize your patient interactions receiving Remote Monitoring services to maximize compliance and reimbursements.

Step 1 - Select the "Monthly Interaction Status" report from the Practice drop down menu

Step 2 - Update the Interaction Status filter to "False"

This will update the report and only display the patients that require a monthly interaction. Once updated, click the "Download" button located near the top right of the screen

This will download your report in CSV (Note - depending on the size, the report may be securely sent to your email a few minutes later).

With this report, your clinic can assign tasks to one or you staff members to reach out the patient to:

  • Review their vitals data with the patient (Patient's love when their provider briefs them on their vitals results, this goes a long way into improving patient outcomes)
  • Check-in on their Remote Monitoring Service and notify accuhealth of any device needs (Consumables, Batteries, Device Troubleshooting, etc)
  • Coordinate any additional care needs (Medication refills, Next Appointments, Annual Wellness, etc.)


For any additional information, don't hesitate to contact your Client Success Manager by emailing or