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How do I seamlessly transition my Remote Patient Monitoring patients from my current RPM company to Accuhealth?

This knowledge base article will provide steps to help you easily transition your patients from your current RPM company to Accuhealth

Discharge of Services from Current Service Providers

1. Send a discharge order to your current RPM provider as soon as possible; include the date of discharge. For Texas clinics with patients monitored by a licensed Home Health Agency, you will need to send a discharge order to the HHA as well; include the date of discharge.  Accuhealth will require the legal business name of the HHA to process patient tranfsers where applicable.

Deployment of New Monitoring Device(s) to Patients

2a. (Option A) Deployment of devices on site is best for these transfer patients.

  1. Initiating Visit with patient for Consent (This should be documented in the EMR)
  2. Provider discusses services and patient consents to receiving RPM/Telemonitoring services
  3. (Only applicable to TMHP Telemonitoring Patients) Provider has patient sign Consent and Transfer forms (For TMHP Telemonitoring patients with signed home health  Telemonitoring orders by the physician)
  4. Clinic provides monitoring device(s) to patient from inventory held on-site at the clinic
    1. Important to capture the device IMEI provided to the patient
    2. An electronic spreadsheet of the device IMEIs will be provided to the clinic by Accuhealth
    3. Accuhealth will provide fresh inventory of devices as needed by the clinic and each delivery will come with a spreadsheet of the device IMEIs
    4. It’s best to “copy and paste” the device IMEIs from the spreadsheet provided, as it is easy to typo a 15-digit device IMEI
  5. Clinic refers patient to Accuhealth (must include the device IMEIs provided to the patient)

2b (Option B)

  1. Clinic refers patients to Accuhealth (individually or as a batch)
  2. Accuhealth Patient Acceptance Team calls patient for Acceptance of Services
  3. Accuhealth kits and ships the device(s) to the patient (using FedEx 2Day services)
  4. Accuhealth nurse onboards the patients concluding in their first successful reading and the patient is live and will receiving ongoing services.

The following steps are only applicable to patients being monitored via the Texas Medicaid and Health Partnership (TMHP) Telemonitoring program

3. (Only applicable to TMHP Telemonitoring Patients) TMHP Plans of Care must be signed along with patient transfer form and consent form; we will provide you with the patient consent and transfer forms as a PDF.

4. (Only applicable to TMHP Telemonitoring Patients) Once POCs are received, patients will be called for final processing by the Accuhealth team.

5. (Only applicable to TMHP Telemonitoring Patients) All POCs and supportive documentation will be sent to TMHP for the formal transfer.

Accuhealth Objective

Accuhealth promises a seamless transition with no interruption of Clinical billing and claims submission.  Accuhealth can transition up to 1k patients in any given week.