How do I Integrate my EPIC EMR with Accuhealth?

This knowledge base article is a step by step guide to integrating your EPIC with Accuhealth for automated Patient Referrals, Patient Vitals and Patient Reports. We want you living in your EMR as much as possible!


Connecting with your EPIC representative

Reach out to your EPIC point of contact to let them know they Accuhealth wants to integrate with EPIC - Let your point of contact know that we are in the Epic APP orchard!!

EPIC App Orchard


Connecting with Accuhealth's Integration Team

Connect our Accuhealth's point of contact ofor integration with your EPIC representative. 

Accuehalth's main point of contact: Adam Strickland


What does the Integration between Accuhealth and EPIC encompass?

Daily Vitals and Monthly Reports that will go into the patients MyChart 



Accuhealth's point of contact with communicate with your EPIC represenetitive until integration is complitend.

**This will be a continuing process that could take as long as a few months**