How do I access & understand my monthly RPM Medicare Billing Report?

This knowledge base article will provide guidance on how to successfully access and bill for your monthly remote patient monitoring billing report.

Accessing Billing Reports (Expect to see your billing reports uploaded by the 1st week of every month)

1. Go to 

2. Click on the first of the 3 orange icons at the top right of the Patient Overview dashboard that looks like a file:

3. DO NOT re-enter your credentials; simply click on the red button toward the bottom that says "Sign in with Auth0"

4. You will see your monthly reports titled: "Accuhealth Medicare Revenue Report - Clinic Name - October 2021;" click on the report you would like to download and then click on the red download button in the top right corner:

**this will download into an excel spreadsheet:

5. Once report is downloaded, you will be able to open the fields to access all data necessary for billing, including Dates of service to bill.

How to bill for each CPT code

1. 99453 - This code is billed one time only for the initial set-up of the patient.  

2. 99454 - This code is billed every 30 days for the patient have a functionining device that synchronously transmits data to the referring provider. This code requires that the patient successfully transmits data for a given number of days within a 30 day period.

3. 99457 - This code is billed monthly (last day of the month) for the first 20 minutes of interactive time spent with a patient.

4. 99458 - This code is billed monthly (last day of the month) for an additional 20 minutes of interactive time spent with a patient; for a toal of 40 minutes. 

5. 99458 - This code can be billed for up to 2 units, which is for an additional 20 minute block of time spent with a patient (for a total of 1 hour of time spent).

**Please be sure to follow the dates of service provided to you in the monthly billing reports for each code.

How to drop claims in your EMR (We only auto-generate claims for Athena clients)

1. Create a new claim using the Date of Service (DOS) provided in the billing report for each code.  Note that if a code has the same DOS, there is no need to create a new claim for that code; simply enter the CPT code in that same DOS.

2. In the claim, make sure to include the diagnosis code, the Place of Service as 11, and the number of units.  Note that the number of units will always be one for every code, except 99458.  This code can be billed for up to 2 units max.